Peggy's Story

Most people who knew Peggy talk about how she was unfailingly kind and gentle, how she was charitable toward others and giving of herself. She was. However, when she was fighting for something she believed in, for an idea, for the rights of one of her students, or for her life, she was tenacious, and a force to be reckoned with.


The creation of the Peggy Spiegler Melanoma Research Foundation (PSMRF)* in 2010 is a tribute to a woman whose kindness, strength, and intrinsic humanity will live on. The foundation has two facets: research and education. As teacher and a life-long learner, Peggy was devoted to both.



PSMRF supports and funds scientific research into the nature, causes, prevention, treatment, and cure of melanoma so that others neither suffer from the disease nor lose a loved one to it.


    In 2009, PSMRF established a partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia PA. A permanent research grant in the name of Peggy Spiegler will be funded at U of PA Hospital to support the Melanoma Research Program team, under the leadership of Dr. Lynn M. Schuchter.

PSMRF will fund additional scientific research grants to other physicians, programs and medical centers as opportunities are presented to the Foundation.



If treated early, melanoma is usually preventable. Therefore, in order to disseminate educational information about the prevention of melanoma and other skin cancers, PSMRF supports and funds public programs that spotlight the latest in medicine and research.

In 2010, PSMRF established a partnership with the Cooper Cancer Institute, Camden, NJ.

A grant has been funded to the Institute's Cooper in Schools program. This multidisciplinary program provides health and wellness education to students, teachers, allied health care providers and communities within the Delaware Valley. As a result of the PSMRF grant, a Melanoma Prevention session has been created which will be conducted by the Institute's medical staff on an ongoing basis.


Other educational grants will be made to other organizations as opportunities are presented to the PSMRF Foundation.




For more information:

email: info [at] or
phone: 856-795-7840



* PSMRF is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.